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Located SW Scotland, UK

Licence No. 001673
Dumfries & Galloway Council



Chihuahua Pups 

I breed Smooth Coat Pedigree Chihuahua Pups in White, Blacks, Fawns, Cream, Red, Orange, Blues, Chocolates & Lilacs...

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier 

I also breed the Biewer Terrier, a brand new Toy Breed to the UK, originating from Germany...

Licensed Breeder

As a Licensed Breeder, my Priority is Health and Temperament for the Perfect Family Pet...

Best Start in Life

My Pups are Vet Checked, Vaccinated, Microchipped, KC Companion Registered & Insured

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Adults Available

I sometimes have Adult Dogs looking for Retirement Pet Homes. This is one of the hardest decisions that I have to make for my dogs, so I do not expect to hear from timewasters. If you genuinely believe that you can offer a permanent, forever loving home to one of my beloved doggies, please contact me.

Pups Available

Please check my Pups Available Page to see the Pups I currently have for sale. If you are not quite ready for your new puppy, contact me for details of my waiting list for future litters. It would be helpful to include details about yourself and the home life that you are offering to one of my pups.

Adults Available

I sometimes have Adult Dogs looking for Retirement Pet Homes. This is one of the hardest decisions that I have to make for my dogs, so I do not expect to hear from timewasters. If you genuinely believe that you can offer a permanent, forever loving home to one of my beloved doggies, please contact me.


What's New

I do not currently have any Pups available for sale
I will update my Website when I do have pups available.
In the meantime, due to being inundated with a vast number of puppy enquiries during the lockdown, I am afraid that I am not currently able to respond to any further enquiries.



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Please feel free to check out what new owners have to say about my pups. It is always lovely to hear from owners, to hear how my babies are settling into their new families, how they are developing and loving life. Pictures are always very much appreciated...

News: 28/06/20

I do not currently have any pups available for sale.
I am not currently able to respond to enquiries due to the sheer volume of enquiries I am receiving on a daily basis.
I will update my website again once I have do pups available, and can start taking enquiries again.
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Pups Available

                      updated 29th June 2020
My Priority is Health & Temperament for the Perfect Family Pet

I am a Professional, Licensed & Registered Breeder. I breed Chihuahuas, Biewer Terriers, Toy Poodles, Miniature Schnauzers & Griffon Bruxellois. All of my pups are conceived, whelped & reared within my home, without exception, and with 24/7 care, many years experience and full veterinary support.

My pups all leave me with a comprehensive and generous puppy pack included in the price (Vet Checked twice, Fully Vaccinated, Micro-Chipped plus free Microchip Registration, 5 Wks Free Pet Insurance, Kennel Club Companion/Breed Registration or Dog World Kennel Club Registration, Pedigree Certificate, Purchase Receipt, Puppy Sales Contract, Personalised Diet Sheet and Worming Records (all pups are regularly and properly wormed from 3 wks old), Puppy Food, Fleece Blanket & Soft Toy with Mum & Siblings Scent

Griffon Bruxellois / Biewer Terriers / Toy Schnoodles / Min Schnauzers /Toy Poodles / Chihuahuas

Griffon Bruxellois (Petit Brabançon)


Not currently taking any further Enquiries
I have always been very selective about where my pups go to, and this past few months, during the coronavirus lockdown, have been particularly difficult as I have been absolutely inundated with enquiries. I worry that the majority of those enquiries were from people just wanting a pup to keep them occupied through the lockdown, I would not entertain that at all, all of my pups have remained here with me until the lockdown eases, so I know that my new puppy owners are 100% genuine as they have been happy to wait, and would have been looking for a pup this year anyway, before we even heard of the virus.
I have been absolutely run off my feet, not because I have bred more pups to take advantage of the demand, far from it, but purely because I have kept all of my pups since they were born in January, so my first litter of pups to leave me where actually 5 months of age. I refused to take advantage of the lockdown. I worry that once the lockdown is over and people go back to work, there will be thousands of dogs around the country who will be dumped, it is so sad, the comfort I have is that none of them will be mine, but it still worries me for those poor little mites whose irresponsible, greedy "breeders" didn't care where they were going to, and probably massively inflated the prices to cash in on demand. It is those selfish, greedy idiots that give all breeders a bad name. I actually feel like the breeding of dogs has taken a massive step back in time this past few months, rules and regs were starting to tighten up for the better, now it is all to pot again. 

Biewer Terriers


Not currently taking any further Enquiries



Not currently taking any further Enquiries

Toy Schnoodles


Not currently taking any further Enquiries

Miniature Schnauzers


Not currently taking any further Enquiries

Toy Poodles


Not currently taking any further Enquiries

I keep getting asked "Are the puppies going to be small Adults?" . I breed Chihuahua pups of various sizes, from Teeny Tiny's (often referred to in the media as teacups, but really there is no such thing as a T-Cup, a Chihuahua is a Chihuahua, whatever its' size) to large Standard Size.
The pictures below, kindly sent to me by Dee and Joe, the owners of three of my precious pups (Thank you Dee & Joe for allowing me to add these pictures to my website :-) ) are 3 dogs from different litters and are different ages. Gucci, the doggie sitting on the drivers seat is the oldest of the three doggies and she is a teeny. The black/Tan Chihuahua is Hugo, he is very small and the Orange and White Girl is Chanelle (Nellie for short), although she is the largest of the three, she is also a very small adult.

My pups do not leave me until they are at least 10-11 weeks of age (If you are ever offered a pup from somebody who is selling them under 8  weeks of age, walk away! the pup is not physically or mentally ready to leave for it's new home at that age, and you may end up with a problem dog which has either health issues or psychological difficulties as a result, and above all, it is immoral (and now illegal) for somebody to let such a tiny puppy leave at that age, they are obviously not breeding for love, and obviously do not have the time or patience to do right by the litter. The chances are that the litter may well not have been looked after properly from birth, or even conception, they have probably never seen a vet, and are probably not wormed properly (if at all). The longer a pup stays with it's mum and siblings, the more confident, healthy and ready it will be.

If my pups are not ready at 10-11 weeks of age, whether due to their size or because I feel that they need a little longer with their mum, then I will keep them as long as necessary until I feel confident that they are ready for the big wide world outside. I do feel that 10 - 12 weeks is a good age for a small breed pup to start integrating with their new family, and is both mentally and physically capable of taking on the new world that is being offered to them by their new owners.
For your own Peace of Mind, I provide as standard, 4 Weeks Free Insurance
with every pup. This has to be the most responsible way to sell a pup, and it gives peace of mind to the new owner and to myself, the breeder.

My pups are Wormed correctly from 2-3 weeks of age right up until they leave me using veterinary products. You will receive a complete record of the date undertaken, weight of pup, products used and amount used. My pups are always born and reared in my home, without exception, and are introduced to many household and outdoor noises and are well socialised with other adult and young dogs of different breeds. Toilet Training is initially to Toilet Pads (I have been using washable, reusable toilet pads for years and they are the bees knees). I start getting them used to going outside to toilet (weather permitting) before they leave also, although this is not always possible as where we live, we do have birds of prey hovering overhead, foxes/rabbits/deer etc.. roaming around, so I have to consider the immunity of the pup before considering allowing them to take a little trip into the garden.

I provide as Standard with every Pup sold, a Puppy Pack which includes:-

2 x Vet Health Checks
Completed Puppy Vaccinations together with the Signed/Stamped Veterinary Vaccination Record
Microchipped and Registered to the New Owner at no extra cost
up to 5 Weeks Free Pet Insurance
Kennel Club Breed or Companion Registration unless otherwise stated
5 Generation Pedigree/Birth Certificate unless otherwise stated
Purchase Receipt/Puppy Sales Contract
Diet Sheet (What to feed, When to feed, How much to feed, what not to feed etc)
Worming Protection Records (All of my pups/adults are wormed regularly & correctly with Veterinary Products)
Bag of Quality Puppy Food
Fleece Blanket with mum/siblings scent
Favorite Scented Teddy Bear

I also keep in stock suitable sized crates, puppy pens, travel crates, washable toilet pads, and if you are that way inclined, I also have a stock of cute little hand knitted Jumpers to keep your new pal in trend and warm.

Lifetime advice after care is offered and provided to all new owners if required. As my main objective is to provide my new owners with happy, healthy, sociable and confident companion pets, I am afraid that I am not able to provide any advice on breeding, I just do not have the time to hold people's hands throughout the whole breeding process, there is far too much that you need to know. I have been breeding for many years, I know that I also had to start somewhere, but what I know, and what I still do not know, takes years of learning, if you want to do it properly, I cannot possibly just hand it all on a plate within a half hour conversation, there is just far too much that you need to be aware of if you wish to embark on breeding. Much as I would love to spend hours on the phone discussing breeding, my own dogs and my own breeding keeps me extremely busy from the second I open my eyes in the morning, to the second my head hits the pillow.  So if you do wish to breed, I suggest that you obtain many a good book, speak at length with your own vet, and please tell me what your plans are because I can then provide you with the most suitable pup with breeding potential.

Yes, I will sell my pups to people wishing to breed, but, PLEASE be honest with me from the outset. If I know you wish to breed at a later date, whether it be just one litter, or if you are an experienced breeder looking to enlarge your gene pool etc... Just Tell Me!!! I do not bite... If you are deadly serious about this, you need to ensure that your new pup has the potential to breed successfully, otherwise you are wasting your time, and starting off on completely the wrong foot. And if you know that you want to breed and tell me otherwise, I then sell you a pup that may be too small for breeding or there may be some other reason why the pup should not be used for breeding, you are then putting your dog's life at risk and the potential pups' lives at risk, not to mention the cost of dealing with breeding problems. Insurance will NOT cover you for ANY illness/injury/Loss/Death etc... as a result of breeding, so you could end up with a huge Vets' Bill and no pups and/or no adult dog to show for it. So, PLEASE BE HONEST WITH ME!!!! and I will help you choose the best pup for your own circumstances.  But you need to help yourself also, I cannot help you if you have no intention of researching/reading/learning about breeding in great detail before you start, I cannot help you if you are a planning to breed with absolutely no intention of being at home for your pregnant girl (if you work full time, if you take regular holidays or time away etc etc..) I do not have the time to pick up the pieces when things go wrong for you because you were irresponsible. So, I say again, PLEASE be honest with me!! and I will help you choose the perfect pup.. 

A Non-refundable deposit of £150 will secure your chosen pup until s/he is ready to leave. My pups are very happy, healthy, well adjusted, well socialised pets. 

I encourage viewing of pups at my home to see them in their own environment with mum and siblings. Viewings are by appointment only. Most viewings are arranged for early afternoon as mornings are my busiest time of the day with my dogs. My pups can only be viewed once they are at at least 5 weeks of age. Please try to keep the number of visitors to a puppy viewing appointment to a minimum, 2 or 3 people max would be a great help, as suddenly being faced with a room full of excited potential new owners can be overwhelming for a litter of pups, viewings need to be calm and quiet and relaxed and happy occasions. If you bring along your child/children, they MUST be calm, quiet and non-excitable around the pups and they will not be allowed to handle the pups (unless they are sitting down on the floor and being supervised). Please do let me know in advance if you are planning on bring your child/children. If you already own a dog, I ask you please not to bring him/her/them with you. I generally always have pups at various stages of vaccination, or new borns etc. in my home, so cannot invite visiting dogs into my home for fear of incoming infection, nor can I have them walking on outside ground that my own dogs walk on. If you must bring your own dog/s along with you, please understand that I will have to ask you to keep him in  your vehicle. If you have an existing dog that you originally purchased from me, I would love to have the opportunity to say hello to them again, but they will also have to remain in your vehicle. Please do consider this if you are travelling on a hot day!!! I advise you to leave the doggie at home.

I like to know where my pups are going to, therefore I am not the sort of breeder that can't wait to see the back of them and sells them willy-nilly to the first person throwing cash at me. I will keep my pups as long as necessary in order to wait for the right person/family to come along who is providing a permanent, loving home. I try my hardest to ensure that the new home is right and suitable for one of my puppies. When you initially contact me, can you Please provide me with some details about yourself and the homelife that you are offering to one of my pups. I do not need you to write an essay, but please do not be offended if I respond with more questions. The future happiness and longevity of my pups must come first when placing them in their forever homes. 

My dogs and pups are Bred and Brought up with experience, knowledge, care and love. Be confident that I am a fully licensed breeder and I strive to breed pups for excellent temperaments and health which are reared with round the clock human companionship and care.

More Information about me and my Dogs

I will not breed from a dog that is not 100% fit and healthy and I would never breed from a dog that may produce hereditary problems (for example weak knee joints, eye problems, teeth/jaw alignment problems etc.) I treat all my dogs equally and all are cared for with Love. They want for nothing, have the best of everything and are well socialised from birth. I may have a lot of dogs compared to the average person, and having 4 different breeds of dogs can be seen as somewhat strange to people on the outside looking in, but please do not judge me badly for this. My goal in life is to breed the perfect healthy happy pup for companionship, and as I suffer with severe animal allergies, I have been able to surround myself with dog breeds that do not affect my allergies, and I hope that my labours of love will also help other people with dog allergies to achieve their dream of owning their own dog that also does not affect their allergies. I do not have any children, I do not socialise, I do not do holidays, we don;t even get weekends or bank holidays off, I am literally here for my dogs 24/7/365. My dogs are my life. From the second I get up in a morning to the second I go to bed at night (more often than not it is early morning by the time I get to bed) I am doing something with/for my dogs. Even on Christmas day, whilst the majority of the country are tucking into yummy hot breakfast sausage sarnies, I am out picking up doggy "sausages", no rest for the wicked. Each and every one of my dogs has a name, each and every dog knows their name, and each and every dog comes to me when called (except Pip, lol, she is my Griffon Bruxellois Petit Brabancon, she is my shadow, and 99% of the time she is an absolute angel, always at my heel, but when people come to the house, she suddenly goes deaf and turns into a little bugger). Each and every dog has their own food bowl and is fed individually in accordance with their own individual needs, even if that means giving one something different to another. I know exactly what and how much each of my dogs eats, and I know exactly what each and every dogs' poop looks like when it comes out the other end, on a daily basis. They eat the best food I can give them, they all have heated beds and have lots of space in our rural location to run and play and enjoy life. I groom all of my own dogs, even those that need clipping regularly, they are all vet checked regularly, up to date with all annual boosters, wormed at least once every 2 months, flea/tick and ear mite protected and I spend an absolute fortune on treats and toys, blankets and bedding for all of my dogs. We have a tumble Dryer and Washing Machine room specifically set up for our dogs, and they both run for a minimum of 8 hours a day so that we can provide fresh and clean bedding daily to all of our dogs. 

My dogs and my premises have been fully inspected by the Local Authorities, SSPCA and local Veterinary Practice to ensure that my Dogs are well cared for and reach the minimum standards required to become a Licensed Breeder, and I am proud to say that we more than passed with flying colours on all counts (in the words of my vet on our 2015 and 2016 Licence Inspection "Everything is being done to Perfection", and in 2017 "WE always go above and beyond")

All of my Dogs are Purebred/Pedigree and I also have some which are UK Kennel Club Registered. I mainly have Pedigree pups available for sale as pets (not for showing or breeding purposes) and occasionally have KC Breed Register pups available also. If you do not wish to show your dog professionally or as a hobby, and are looking purely for a family pet/companion, your puppy does not need to be KC registered on the breed register, therefore I register them onto the Companion Register.  I can guarantee that all my dogs are full pedigree bred. Both parents can be viewed alongside my litters at my home. Kennel Club Companion Registration is approved on purchase (signed by new owner) and Official Registration is provided to the new owner direct from the Kennel Club. (NB. I have just recently (April 2019) bred a litter of Schnoodles, which are obviously not pedigree dogs, their dad is toy poodle and mum is miniature schnauzer, it is a "breed" that I have wanted to breed for a number of years, since I introduced my poodles and schnauzers, but just never got round to it, but in 2019 I decided to try breeding a litter, and oh boy! they are so damn cute... obviously they are not pure bred dogs, so cannot be KC Registered).

Matings between my girls and Stud Dogs are undertaken under strict supervision only. When my girls are in season, they are only allowed exclusive access to the Stud Dog who will be used to serve her and will be kept out of any contact from my other Stud dogs for the duration of her heat. I will honour any request for DNA testing to determine the Sire and Dam of a pup if so required, but I am 110% confident that you will find that the parents are who I say they are.

It is nice to keep in touch with new owners of my pups where possible to ensure that the pup is being well cared for and developing well and is settled into his new home. Photographs of my pups as adults are always welcomed. I do get returning owners for my pups, which is a recommendation in itself, and an honour.

If a pup does not or cannot settle into a new home for whatever reason, or if you find yourself unable to care for the dog any longer, I do have procedures in place to either take the pup back or assist in rehoming as necessary. In fact, if it should be the case that a new owner cannot keep one of my pups for whatever reason, I would prefer that they told me and let me help than lose contact and wonder whatever became of the pup that I was responsible for bringing into this world. Pups that have left me, are then, by their new owner, introduced to the outside world, they are taken to the park, where other dogs roam, are taken to training classes/puppy classes/groomers/public transport, walk on public footpaths etc etc etc where other dogs walk. As such, if you wish to return a pup to me, I have to quarantine the pup/adult dog before they are allowed to have any contact with my own dogs/pups and they cannot access any ground that my own dogs/pups venture. The cost of quarantine has to be taken into account when calculating any refund.

Advice and Information is always available if so required for any of my pups' new owners for life. But as I mentioned above, I am afraid that I am not able to provide any advice on breeding.

I have an excellent relationship with my Vet. All my Dogs are fully up to date with vaccinations, worming and flea treatments and I do seek veterinary assistance for any ailments, illnesses etc. as required, whatever time of day or night.

I am happy for my pups to go to homes with other pets, including other breeds of Dogs, Cats, Rabbits etc etc etc Although I do expect the new owners to be responsible in introducing pups to existing family pets, and I am able to offer advise on this. My pups do settle well into new homes with other pets, please take a look at the photographs provided in my Testimonials section to see just how well they do settle.

Due to the size of a Toy Breed Puppy, not all Breeders will allow their pups to go to new homes with young Children. I am actually happy for my pups to go to new homes which have children, on the strict understanding that Kids MUST be supervised at all times when the pup is in their company. Again, I do expect parents of young children to be particularly responsible in terms of supervising pups and kids at all times, and will advise on this prior to purchase. If I do not feel that the family is suitable for the pup, based on the chosen pups' temperament and personality and size etc. then I have to think of the wellbeing of the pup first and may either prefer that you do not have one of my pups, or ask you to choose a different pup which I feel may be more suited to your family life. If I do have exceptionally small pups, or pups which are not so extrovert, I will prefer that they do not go to homes with very small children or overly excitable children and this will be noted along with the pups ad.

Why am I happy to consider families with young children, when many breeders do not ? Because I know that there are responsible adults with young children who will only want the best for the pup, and will do everything in their power to ensure that the pup and children are brought up to respect each other. I also wanted a Chihuahua as a very young child, and was never allowed a dog as my mother does not like dogs. So I know exactly how it feels to have a family without pets and it feels like their is something missing in your life. In my mind, every family should have a pet and so long as you are responsible, there is no reason why a Chihuahua or other Toy Breed cannot become that pet. Toy Breed pups are not naturally scared of children or snappy with children, if they are brought up being socialised around well behaved children and are taught the ground rules from the beginning, both child and dog can both have a very long and happy, strong relationship together.

My own dogs do not live amongst children, as I personally do not have children (my dogs are my babies). therefore my dogs have not been socialised with children at any point in their lives. As such, when you come to view my pups, if you do bring your children along with you, please do understand that I will not allow my adult dogs to be in the same room during viewing. I am sure that most of my dogs will be absolutely fine with children, but I have to be responsible, and feel that it is kinder to my dogs, and to the children visiting, that my dogs are kept out of the way. Adult visitors are of course more than happy to meet my adult dogs. Most people that come to my home end up settled on the floor allowing my adult dogs to greet them and get acquainted, my dogs love the attention, I often find it difficult to tear people away from my house, they have so much fun with my dogs.


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